China Study Tour Professional Opportunities

More than 300 million Chinese citizens will migrate into urban centers in the next 15 years. This rapid growth is posing planning challenges to cities throughout China. APA's China Study Tour will give you firsthand knowledge of these challenges and introduce you to the Chinese planners and officials working to tackle them.

In Beijing

Meet with Ministry of Construction officials, who will provide an overview of the history of planning in China and current events and regulations. Then sit down with a group of professional planners, who will walk you through Beijing's planning and design process.

Attend a briefing by U.S. Commerce Department staff, who will discuss contemporary business issues in China and explain the partnership APA has built with the department. Ask questions you may have about doing business in China and share a lunch with Commerce Department staff.

Tour Ren Min University and meet Dong Keyong, public policy dean and director of the university's new planning education program, which APA is working to help establish.

Attend a banquet with Wang Jun, a leading expert on the history of planning in Beijing, and Ma Jun, author, environmental advocate, and one of Time's 100 most influential people.

In Nanjing

Attend a half-day business meeting with Nanjing Planning Bureau staff and Nanjing government officials.

Participate in discussion of APA's demonstration project on historic preservation in Nanjing.

In Suzhou

Meet with officials from Suzhou Garden and Park Administration.

In Shanghai

Attend a half-day business meeting with representatives of the Shanghai Land and Housing Bureau and the Shanghai Planning Bureau.

Take a walking and subway tour of core area to view exemplars of urban development in China.

Meet and lunch with local planners to discuss plans for the 2010 International Expo and Shanghai's current planning issues.

Attend a briefing on business opportunities in Shanghai by U.S. Department of Commerce representatives and APA representative Chen Suning.