The Architects Toolbox "My City" Apprentice Program

The "My City" Project

Pasadena, CA

Sixty days that will take your career to the next level.

The Architects Toolbox "My City" Apprentice Program is a great opportunity for anyone who is either applying to graduate school or interested in gaining work experience while contributing to the "My City" Project which seeks to revitalize and develop an innovative system for involving many more people in the early visioning stages of city planning.

The ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about the design of the built environment and is looking to develop their portfolio for application to a Masters program (in architecture, city planning, landscape architecture, urban planning, exhibition design, or a related field) or in order to gain employment. Applications to graduate programs can bring 1000 potential graduate students for 30 actual spaces. With such competition, you would greatly benefit from structure, guidance, and feedback as you build your portfolio and statement of purpose.

Although the Apprentice Program is designed for those applying to school, it is also open to those still in their undergraduate studies who are looking to gain exposure to architecture or simply for those who want to expand their manual and digital skills.

The Apprentice Program is free of charge. Apprentices work on projects, their own portfolio, and an optional statement of purpose, receiving guidance, experience, some formal training, and exposure to an array of interesting and creative people involved in developing this project. Led by "My City" Steward David Wolf, who also ran the very popular Architects Toolbox Apprentice program a decade ago, it is being revitalized to demonstrate the potential of an Apprentice Program for "My City."

While the ultimate responsibility of developing your portfolio and statement of purpose is up to you, for the right person who is bright, energetic, ambitious, spirited, and creative, the "My City" Apprentice Program presents a fantastic opportunity.


"My City" is a not-for-profit project that explores the potential of revitalizing Pasadena's citizen-driven planning process of a century ago. The original "My City" and City Beautiful Movement took place in the years following Pasadena's Colorado Street Bridge of 1913 and continued until World War I. The "My City" Project is named for the movement's "science-fair for planning" exhibit that drew together more than 8,000 people — the equivalent of 28,000 people today — for voter approval of Pasadena's landmark Civic Center that helped usher in its Golden Age of Development through the 1920s.

As we explore the potential paths for revitalizing "My City," we are creating the Planitorium at Lewis House, a space for collecting ideas and continuing this conversation. With its focus on the early, visioning stages of planning, "My City" serves as the missing link between bottom-up vision and top-down implementation. In the face of the daunting growth projected for metropolitan regions throughout your lifetime, you can be at Ground Zero in revitalizing this movement to promote a proven and very pragmatic solution.

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We are located in a beautiful setting that is ideal for developing the rollout of the "My City" Project. The Planitorium at Lewis House is situated 5-minutes north of Pasadena city limits, just inside the National Forest overlooking a lovely ranch with horses, fields, and a panoramic view of Southern California, from downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena to Pacific Palisades and Catalina Island.

This rare Early Mid-Century Modern work of architecture blends 1941 ranch vernacular with International and "park architecture" aesthetics. With flagstone and wooden floors, log columns, Spanish tile, and an array of interesting innovations, it makes for a great hall of planning, spacious enough to accommodate members working in different rooms, out on the deck, or in the courtyard.

Set at the transition between park and city, the Planitorium at Lewis House abuts the National Forest and connects to a system of hiking trails that provides access to the natural beauty of the surrounding hills. Our bucolic setting, team of friendly and creative people, along with good music piped throughout make for a great environment for the project and its team.


As the Apprentice Program is a work and skill exchange, it combines both "My City" projects listed below with your own personal portfolio projects. It does not matter what stage your portfolio is in. You might be just starting or you might be well under-way towards your ultimate goal of creating an outstanding gallery of work.

Though the project workload of the first half of the program is heavily weighted towards the benefit of "My City," you will be given increasing time and use of our color printer during the second half of the program to work on your portfolio and personal essay. The larger "My City" Project Team will also contribute towards teaching you new skills while giving you feedback and general coaching on your personal portfolio and goals.


Though the preponderance of our work is focused on the "My City" Project, the Apprentice Program is key to demonstrating how a revitalized "My City" process can greatly benefit from an Apprentice Program. As we are moving the project forward, both the "My City" Project Team and the Apprentice Team will be working in the spirit of common endeavor. As we will also be sharing meals in this beautiful setting and at times sharing our own personal projects, this almost summer camp-like experience (were it not for all the work we will be accomplishing) is a great way to spend your time along with others who are deeply passionate about the design of the built environment.

All it takes is hard work and a full-time commitment. If you've got a passion for architecture, urban planning, and design, this is a unique opportunity that might be right for you.

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