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WisDOT Urban and Regional Planner

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Madison, WI United States

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has multiple Urban and Regional Planner opportunities!

WisDOT is a great place to work! We offer amazing benefits, such as excellent health benefits, ample paid vacation, a casual office atmosphere, flexible work schedules and an exceptional employee wellness program. These positions are headquartered on the near west side of Madison at the brand new Hill Farms State Office Building.

Candidates interested in either opportunity must apply on-line at wisc.jobs (positions linked below) by the application deadline.

Travel Demand Modeler/ Transportation Planner: Deadline 12/09/2018

This position completes facility forecasts and other analysis for planners, engineers, consultants, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) in the development of transportation plans and the multi-year transportation program. This position sets policies for commercial vehicle estimation procedures. The incumbent will produce tool sets, computer programs, and scripts to analyze data. Further, this position documents travel estimation procedures in Department policies and in project documents.

The responsibilities for the position include completing data analysis, making travel demand model improvements, and sharing the results with others. This position also effectively communicates travel demand model attributes (socioeconomic data, network, and scripts) with other stakeholders, coordinates model changes, and makes procedural and policy determinations that can have broad implications.

This position will be filled at either the entry-level or advanced level, depending on qualifications of the selected candidate.

A minimally qualified candidate will have:

  • Experience analyzing data; — Activities may include creating written reports or summaries using directly sourced data inputs, etc.
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel, or similar product, to develop queries, pivot tables, and/or graphs and charts; and
  • Experience collaborating with a diverse group of stakeholders including internal and external parties

Urban and Regional Planner-Adv: Deadline 12/11/2018

This position leads complex data analysis in the Department's statewide system planning unit by conducting statewide planning activities and developing components of multimodal transportation system plans. The specific plans and analyses are the result of Federal or State legislative requirements or in response to current transportation issues or problems. This position leads the preparation of statewide plans involving transportation policy and planning issue research and analyses in the areas of highway systems management, long-range planning, land use, and budgeting. The incumbent of this position has a high degree of working knowledge of statistical analysis applications and initiates policy analysis, quantitative analysis, program evaluation, and impact assessment. This position is responsible for study design, choice of analysis techniques, development and analysis of alternatives, and the development of conclusions of recommendations for consideration by management.

A minimally qualified applicant will have:

  • Training or experience researching policy issues related to transportation (topics could include, but are not limited to, socio-economic, environmental land use, or transportation impacts).
  • Experience communicating complex and/or technical information to non-technical audiences.
  • Experience applying program evaluation and policy analysis principles, theories or procedures within an organization.
  • Experience leading a planning study through all portions of the study (portions of study include development of study scope and timeline, management of teams and resources, task assignment and ability to complete study milestones within established study timelines).
Experience Level
Entry (0-1 year)
AICP Level
Transportation Planning
Salary Range