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Director of Planning

Monongalia County Planning Commision

Morgantown, WV United States



Summary of Position:

Director of Planning is a full-time professional position with the Monongalia County Planning Commission. The Director of Planning devotes a significant amount of time to the implementation of the West Run Planning District Zoning Ordinance and the County's Tower Ordinance. Significantly, the Director will likely be charged with implementing the County's first Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, upon its passage. These duties are accomplished by working closely with the Monongalia County Planning Commission, the Monongalia County Commission and residents of the county. This position is also responsible for the management and administration of the Planning Office and staff.


Monongalia County is located in north-central West Virginia with a population of approximately 105,000 and an approximate annual growth rate of 1.2%. The County covers 360 square miles. Morgantown, the county seat, is the educational, medical, cultural and commercial hub of the region. Morgantown is home to West Virginia University, one of the top research universities in the Country, with an enrollment of over 28,500 students. Pittsburgh, PA is a one hour drive to the north and Washington, DC is a four-hour drive to the east. Morgantown is consistently rated as one of the top ten small metros in the Country for its quality of life and economic climate.

The West Run Planning District is a relatively small area and the only unincorporated area with zoning in the County, but is adjacent to the City of Morgantown and is one of the fastest developing areas of the unincorporated County. The Zoning Ordinance was the first effort at land use control in the County. The proposed countywide Subdivision Ordinance is currently being finalized and will likely be adopted by the County Commission in the spring of 2019.

The current director is retiring the first week of May 2019. It is anticipated that there will be some overlap to assist in orienting the new Director. Currently, the planning staff consists of the Director and Planner. It is also anticipated that additional planning staff will be needed for implementation of the Subdivision Ordinance. In addition, it is anticipated that there will be a shared position with the Metropolitan Planning Organization as of July 1, 2019.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Planning Commission and County Commission in the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan and land-use ordinances for Monongalia County and/or its Planning Districts
  • Prepare staff reports and recommendations for the Planning Commission on all pertinent issues. Administrative reports outlining progress and activities to be provided at all regular meetings of the Planning Commission
  • Review, draft, and present proposed annual budget to the Planning Commission for approval in February of each year as indicated in By-Laws. Present the adopted budget to the County Commission for approval
  • Maintain the departmental budget throughout the year and ensure all expenditures are in compliance with all applicable rules and requirements
  • Perform reviews of petitions and permit applications as necessary to determine completeness and compliance with the provisions of ordinances. Ensure all documentation required for applications is submitted, and provide information and recommendation to the Planning Commission for approval/denial of applications
  • Make recommendations to the Planning Commission and the County Commission regarding petitions for official map and/or text amendments, the creation or elimination of planning districts, the establishment or alteration of planning district boundaries; and other planning related issues as set forth in ordinances
  • Appoint and/or hire, with the approval of the Planning Commission and the County Commission, technical professionals and other employees necessary to carry out the duties and functions of ordinances
  • Manage and evaluate other planning staff and make recommendations to the Planning Commission regarding promotions, pay raises, disciplinary actions, etc.
  • Prepare RFPs and or RFQs as well as contract for special or temporary services and professional counsel as needed, and with the approval of the Planning Commission and/or the County Commission; Prepare requirements needed to contract for special or temporary services
  • Attend a number of regularly scheduled evening meetings
  • Prepare ordinances, revisions, and review ordinances for compliance with regulations, standards, and procedures

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Knowledge of principles and practices of Land Use Planning, Zoning, and Subdivision Ordinance Administration
  • Ability to review plans and apply provisions of the ordinances and codes to determine compliance with such regulations and to apply regulations to field conditions
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of research and data collection
  • Effective writing techniques, oral communication, and interpersonal skills sufficient to explain rules and procedures clearly to the public and communicate with public officials and professional colleagues
  • Represent the County on assigned boards and commissions
  • Knowledge of computer hardware and software programs which will include Microsoft Office, internet applications, and GIS
  • Problem-solving skills to gather relevant information to solve practical problems

Minimum Qualifications:

The Director of Planning position requires at a minimum, graduation from an accredited college with a Bachelor's degree (Masters degree preferred) in land use planning, or a closely related field and five years of full-time experience in the field. Extensive experience required in administration of Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances, GIS proficiency, technical writing skills, administration and supervision, and the ability to deal with the public and elected officials in formal and informal settings. AICP certification is not required but strongly preferred.

Salary and Benefits:

This is a professional position with a competitive salary based on qualifications with a full benefits package.


All interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume by Monday, February 11, 2019, via email, fax or mail to:

Richard L. Wood, AICP
Director of Planning
Monongalia County Planning Commission
143 High Street, Room 110
Morgantown, West Virginia 26505
Telephone: 304 291-9572
Fax: 304 291-9573
Website: www.moncpc.org

The Monongalia County Planning Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Note: This has been modified to comply with APA requirements, please see complete description on our website.

Experience Level
Senior (8-10 years)
AICP Level
Land Use Planning
Salary Range
Competive salary based on qualifications