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Director of Innovative Services

Bi-State Development | Metro

St. Louis, MO United States

This position propels Metro's vision for public mobility that focuses a menu of mobility options on the markets they are most suited for. Metro must design and deliver innovative mobility solutions like micro transit and focused shuttles; create and sustain partnerships, and identify funding within and outside of Metro's existing revenue streams that will sustain these mobility solutions. These new mobility solutions also demand supporting technology solutions for trip planning, dispatching, and fare payment.

Required Skills

Urban Planning — Must have strong background including educational and professional experience working in urban transportation, business, transit, or land-use planning.

Analytical Ability — Must be able to perform cost-benefit analysis of potential programs and providers, and must possess the ability to evaluate risks and make recommendations regarding significant programs.

Communications — Must communicate effectively and confidently orally and in writing. Must be comfortable interacting with a wide range of audiences including the public, peers, Agency management, and political officials.

Key Responsibilities

Manage community mobility services

Researches and coordinates innovative mobility technologies; Manages relationships with service contractors; Demonstrates innovative mobility types through pilot testing, working with necessary governmental and private partners to obtain necessary approvals and support; Creates and maintains an action plan for these pilots in order to move forward the most viable options.

Innovative "business" solutions

Focuses on internal improvements that will help Metro be more nimble and effective, such as technology improvements; creating a streamlined track for procurement

Create and sustain partnerships

Coordinates efforts across Metro and Bi-State Development divisions and departments; Works along Bi-State Development and Metro staff to build relationships with the private and not-for-profit sectors, channeling those relationships into opportunities for public-private partnerships; Leverages partnerships that lead to investments in the Metro system such as community mobility hubs; streetscapes and intersection improvements; Creates collaborative programs centered on some of the most pressing needs within Metro Transit, such as trauma-informed training for Metro employees and peer-to-peer mentoring for at-risk populations on the Metro Transit system.

Required Experience/Education

5 - 10+ years in a similar role preferably in Urban Planning, Transit Planning, Transportation, Business or related field.

B.A. / B.S. in Planning, Business, Geography, Public Policy or related field. M.A. / M.S. is preferred.

Experience Level
Mid II (4-8 years)
AICP Level
Transportation Planning
Salary Range

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