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Director of Transportion

Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA)

Louisville, KY United States

Division: Transportation

Supervisor: Executive Director

Supervises: All Personnel Assigned to Division

Class Characteristics: Under general executive direction, plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and evaluates all activities and programs of the Division, including Urban Planning, Regional (Rural) Program, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Ridesharing Program; performs related duties as required.

General Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates and evaluates all activities and programs of the Division; determines the overall direction of the work program.
  2. Supervises all personnel assigned to the Division.
  3. Plans, assigns, and reviews the work of subordinate planners and technical personnel engaged in processing technical studies and reports.
  4. Plans, schedules, and directs subordinate professionals and technical staff involved in transportation planning and related projects, plans and activities.
  5. Coordinates the Division's activities with efforts of other units of the agency and other public and service agencies.
  6. Reviews project status and adherence to major study and plan components for compliance with federal, state and local regulations; measures project and plan content against accepted professional standards.
  7. Coordinates and schedules completion of work elements.
  8. Responsible for Divisional operations, including personnel, budgeting, contracts, and reporting.
  9. Assists staff in completing work assignments.
  10. Meets and confers with a wide range of officials, representing a variety of governmental interests.
  11. Interprets and explains technical features of the plan and sub-elements arising therein.
  12. Prepares budgetary and work assignments for the area of assignment; prepares and submits cost estimates; technical reports; and related information concerning the Division's programs and operations; negotiates joint activities agreements and carries out unified planning process between participating agencies and jurisdictions.
  13. Represents Division and agency at transportation related meetings, training programs, conferences, etc.

Non-essential: None.


Training and Experience:

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Urban Planning or closely related field supplemented by a minimum of ten years' experience in the transportation field, including supervisory experience. Master's Degree preferred, but not required.

Special Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  1. Extensive knowledge of theory and concepts and administrative requirements of transportation planning, and the special requirements of comprehensive transportation planning.
  2. Extensive knowledge of federal and state laws and administrative regulations applicable to areas of responsibility.
  3. Extensive knowledge of current literature and recent developments in the field of transportation planning, regional planning and contemporary administrative practices of the various planning disciplines.
  4. Extensive knowledge of statistics and applied data research techniques, including knowledge of applied electronic data processing capabilities.
  5. Thorough knowledge of the political, social and economic implications of transportation planning.


  1. Skill in the use of computers and other office equipment.
  2. Skill in problem solving, reasoning and organization.
  3. Skill in coordinating diverse staff abilities.
  4. Oral and written communication skills.


  1. Ability to plan and supervise the work of subordinate professional and technical staff.
  2. Ability to manage multiple work tasks simultaneously.
  3. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Board members, local officials, agency staff, and the general public.
  4. Ability to formulate, implement and administer comprehensive and complex policies and procedures.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing.


Instructions: Very general; must use own judgment most of the time.

Processes: Must frequently refine existing work methods and development of new techniques, concepts and programs within established limits or policies.

Review of Work: Work may be reviewed through written or verbal presentation.

Analytical Requirements: Assignments frequently involve decisions based in a wide knowledge of many factors where applications of advanced or technical concepts are often required.

Tools, Equipment and Vehicles Used: Normal office equipment (computers, calculator, copier, telephone, fax machine, etc.; must operate vehicle as a requirement of the job.

Physical Requirements of the Job: Work is typically performed while sitting at desk or table in a climate-controlled environment; lifting light objects (up to 25 pounds) is a requirement of the job; operating a vehicle is a requirement for this position of the job.

Contacts: Frequent public and internal contacts requiring tact and diplomacy are requirements of the job.

Confidential Information: Limited use of confidential information is a job requirement.

Mental Effort: Heavy

Interruptions: Frequent.

Special Licensing Requirements: Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license.

Availability: N/A

Certification Requirements: None.

Additional Requirements: None.

Overtime Provision: Exempt.


Experience Level
Executive (10+ years)
AICP Level
Not Required
Transportation Planning
Salary Range
Dependent on Qualifications and Experience

Contact Information

Kelly Cecil
11520 Commonwealth Drive
Louisville, KY
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