Hurricane Katrina Anniversary

August 29, 2010, marked the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall on the Gulf Coast. Resources, interviews, and materials compiled below reflect on the country's greatest natural disaster.

Learn about APA research efforts to make communities safer and more resilient to disasters through APA's National Hazard Planning Research Center.


Delta Urbanism series

Author Richard Campanella and Han Meyer discuss the first two books in the Delta Urbanism series Delta Urbanism: New Orleans and Delta Urbanism: Netherlands.


Clear As Mud: Planning for the Rebuilding of New Orleans

Authors Rob Olshansky, AICP, and Laurie Johnson, AICP, discuss their new Planners Press publication about the planning process in New Orleans following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Studio 360 — New Orleans Five Years Later

How do you rebuild a city? Five years after Hurricane Katrina hit, New Orleans is still answering that question. Robert Olshansky and Laurie Johnson tell Kurt Anderson of Studio 360 about how the city is using disaster as a chance to improve its design while still preserving its culture.

American Routes: Five Years After the Storm

Hear Dr. John and Irma Thomas discuss Hurricane Katrina's impact on their lives, neighborhoods, and music. Segments were recorded live at APA's 2010 National Planning Conference in New Orleans.

Planning in Today's New Orleans

Rob Olshansky presents preliminary findings about planning efforts underway in New Orleans (2007).

Dutch Dialogues

Dale Morris of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C., and David Waggonner of Waggonner and Ball Architects based in New Orleans discuss the purpose and outcomes of the Dutch Dialogues series held in New Orleans. Read about Dutch Dialogues at

New Orleans Moving Forward

Stephen Villavaso, FAICP, of Villavaso & Associates, discusses the current planning status of New Orleans and the future of the city.


Ninth Ward Hurricane Recovery and Revival

The Upper Ninth Ward and the Lower Ninth Ward are separated by the Industrial Canal. During Hurricane Katrina, the canal caused vast, but different, levels of devastation to both neighborhoods. The New Orleans Habitat Musicians' Village, featuring 72 homes and a 150-seat performance space in the Upper Ninth Ward, attempts to preserve the city's multigenerational music heritage. Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation is building flood resistant, energy-efficient homes with modern design features in the Lower Ninth Ward.

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APA's Katrina timeline


The APA Store has a number of publications on New Orleans, disaster recovery and hazard mitigation.

Read excerpts from Planners Press books:

Clear as Mud: Planning for the Rebuilding of New Orleans

by Rob Olshansky, AICP, and Laurie Johnson, AICP

Clear as Mud: Planning for the Rebuilding of New OrleansPlanning the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita has been among the greatest urban planning challenges of our time. Since 2005, Robert B. Olshansky and Laurie A. Johnson, urban planners who specialize in disaster planning and recovery, have been working to understand, in real time, the difficult planning decisions in this unusual situation.

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Delta Urbanism: New Orleans

Richard Campanella

Delta Urbanism: New OrleansThis volume of APA's Delta Urbanism series traces the development of New Orleans from precolonial times to post-Katrina realities, in the context of the deltaic plain on which it lies. The book covers the various transformations: site selection, settlement, urbanization, population, expansion, drainage, protection, exploitation, devastation, and recovery.

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Delta Urbanism: Netherlands

Han Meyer

Delta Urbanism: NetherlandsDelta Urbanism is a major new initiative that explores the growth, development, and management of deltaic cities and regions, with the aim of balancing various goals in a sustainable manner: urbanization, port commerce, industrial development, flood defense, public safety, ecological balance, tourism, and recreation. This book is a detailed history of how one country has developed the policies, tools, technology, planning, public outreach, and international cooperation needed to save their populated deltas.

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Hazard Mitigation: Integrating Best Practices into Planning

James C. Schwab

Hazard Mitigation: Integrating Best Practices into PlanningThis Planning Advisory Service report, prepared by APA and supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), seeks to close the gap that often exists between hazard mitigation planning and other local planning and regulatory land-use processes. It introduces hazard mitigation as a vital area of practice for planners; provides guidance on how to integrate hazard mitigation strategies into comprehensive, area, and functional plans; and shows where hazard mitigation can fit into zoning and subdivision codes.