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The Great City Search

Usborne Books
EDC Publishing, 2003

A new swimming pool is opening in town. Many people helped build the pool. Mayor Maurice wants you to find all of them and invite them to the pool's grand opening celebration!

Put on your walking shoes because you will need to explore the city. Navigate through the hustle and bustle of the street, take a subway train through the hidden underground, or spot all the boats on the river that runs through the city. There is a lot to find in each place.

To help you go from place to place, there is a map and clues to follow.

Click on the pictures for a closer look.

This picture shows all the different layers of the city, including the subway train. Why do you think the city decided to build the subway? Why might it be better than a train on the same level as the street?

Here is the new swimming pool. When you read the book, you will find out more about how the swimming pool was built.

The city's downtown is full of people. Why do you think there are so many? How many different kinds of transportation can you find?

Reproduced from The Great City Search by permission of Usborne Publishing, 83-85 Saffron Hill, London EC1N 8RT, UK. www.usborne.com. Distributed in the United States by EDC Publishing. Copyright © 2003 Usborne Publishing Ltd