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My Town

My Town

By Rebbeca Treays
Illustrations by Rachel Wells
Usborne Pulishing Ltd., London, England. 24 pages.
Permission for illustration reproduction provided. Although this is written for younger readers it introduces the bigger issues that towns must deal with.

Does your town have a chocolate cookie factory? Parades in the summer? Traffic jams? A fountain? A train station? Outdoor restaurants? Now your town may not have all these things, but Ted and Josie's does.

It's very easy to spend everyday in your town and not even notice what's there. As you join Ted and Josie on this tour of their town you can discover what makes it special and what makes it the same as yours.

This book helps you think about all the parts of a town, including the buildings, places, jobs, and people. It also helps you think about how towns can change and grow. Most of the pages fold out and have peepholes to other pages, making the book fun to read. Ted and Josie ask you to find things in the town and on maps so you can figure out how the town is connected to the areas around it.

Pictures in the book show what Ted and Josie's town looked like 300 years ago and how it has changed over the years. Can you think of 4 ways your town has changed in the past 100 years?

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300 years ago

150 years ago