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    • Strategies to Combat Extreme Heat

      Studies show extreme heat causes more deaths in cities than all other weather events combined. Explore the ways that cities all over the globe are addressing urban heat island and building livable cities.
      • Rasmus Astrup
      • Daphne Lundi
      • None None
      • Devanshi Purohit, AICP
      CM | 0.75
    • PIE Webinar: Addressing Urban Heat at Regional and Local Scales

      This PIE webinar will focus on actions local and regional agencies can take to address extreme heat, case examples from around the country, and collaborative opportunities to increase community resilience.
      October 15, 2021, 11:00 a.m. to December 31, 2022, 12:00 p.m. CST
      • Jared Patton, AICP
      • Kate McCormick
      • Johamary Pena, AICP
      CM | 1
    • Understanding, Modeling, and Mitigating Urban Heat Islands

      February 2021
      by: Jeremy Hoffman, David Sittenfeld, Vivek Shandas
      This recorded webinar provides information to help planners, urban climate scientists, local officials, and other agents better understand the urban heat island effect and implement strategies to manage the impacts of this problem.
    • Innovating in Urban Planning and Governance for Heat Health

      June 2020
      by: Ladd Keith, Sara Meerow, David Hondula
      This recorded webinar presents information to help planners and other decision-makers address the effects of extreme heat events in urban areas.
    • Exploring the Heat Hazard

      July 2021
      by: Jen Runkle, Brian Garcia, Cameron Lee
      This recorded webinar shares a range of methods and approaches for measuring heat.
    • Constructing Heat Vulnerability Indices

      August 2021
      by: Oded Holzinger, Matthew Gonser, AICP, Kathryn Conlon
      This recorded webinar addresses the importance of conducting exposure and vulnerability assessments to help address heat-health issues.
    • Developing an Effective Heat Health Action Plan for Your City

      July 2020
      by: Kristie Ebi, Peter Berry, Victor Gallant
      This recorded webinar provides information to help planners and other decision-makers develop heat health action plans for their communities.
    • Investigate Options 1 - The Power of the Pen: Policies, Standards, Codes etc...

      September 2021
      by: Victoria Ludwig, Melissa Deas, Courtney Anderson
      This recorded webinar discusses a range of policies that municipalities can establish to build resilience to extreme heat.
    • Investigate Options 2 - Structural & Physical Infrastructure

      September 2021
      by: Sarah Schneider, Mark Conway, Jackson Becce
      This recorded webinar showcases solutions to help communities reduce or moderate urban heat.
    • Investigate Options 4 - Community Engagement, Outreach, Education

      October 2021
      by: Lara Whitely Binder, Oliver Kroner, Marc Coudert
      This recorded webinar discusses the importance of meaningful community engagement for advancing heat mitigation strategies.
    • Investigate Options 3 - Green Cooling Infrastructure

      September 2021
      by: Erica Fichman, Cheyenne Flores, Maura Javis
      This recorded webinar highlights the effectiveness of green infrastructure to address urban heat.
    • Prioritize and Integrate Heat Planning

      October 2021
      by: Sara Meerow, Kizzy Charles-Guzman, Mark Hartman
      This recorded webinar highlights the importance of prioritizing and integrating heat health across a community’s network of plans.

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