Aurora, CO, Sustainability Plan

Aurora, CO

Solar Energy

The city's Sustainability Plan has been adopted as Part II of the Comprehensive Plan. It includes a section on renewable energy and lists action strategies including using city property for renewable energy installations, establishing permit fee offsets and a revolving loan fund as incentives, and revising the city code to allow renewable energy installations in all zones (p. 28). The Plan also describes the solar-related installations and initiatives already pursued by the city, including the Aurora Campus for Renewable Energy (p. 20).

Topic: Energy
Format: Knowledgebase Resource
Community Type: Suburban
Jurisdiction: Municipality
Tool Type: Sustainability Plan, Energy Plan, Climate Plan
Solar Practice: Supports Accessory Solar Energy Use
Supports Primary Solar Energy Use
Population Range: 250K+
Population Density: 1,000-2,999/square mile
Region: Mountain
Taxonomy Master Topics: Solar Energy Policy
Type of Place: City