Regulating Large-Scale Retail

PAS Essential Info Packet 10

By American Planning Association

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Can big-box retailers co-exist in harmony with small, downtown merchants? Sometimes. But planners and elected officials must first consider the defining factors of size, location, design, and economic and social impact before succumbing to the development and market pressures of big-box giants.

This PAS Essential Info Packet is a comprehensive set of materials about big-box retailing, including ordinances and articles on building size limitation, district designation, land-use classification, economic impact studies, and much more to help your community deal with some of America's favorite retailers. It also includes commentary on the legal defensibility of some of the most popular approaches to large-scale retail development controls and a guide to drafting regulations that discourage legal challenges and corporate-sponsored ballot box initiatives.

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Date Published
April 1, 2009
APA Planning Advisory Service