Low-Impact Development

PAS Essential Info Packet 15

By American Planning Association

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Is your community tuned in to the environmental and aesthetic value of Low Impact Development (LID)? The goal of this sustainable strategy is to manage rainfall and stormwater at its source, encouraging its infiltration across a project site to slow runoff, filter pollutants, and recharge groundwater supplies. LID uses innovative natural systems along with engineered structures in a flexible, cost-effective, ecologically sound system of onsite stormwater management.

This PAS Essential Info Packet contains in-depth reports on LID with numerous case studies of its successful application in a variety of settings. Technical manuals provide details on Best Management Practices such as bioretention, permeable pavement, and cisterns, as well as site design goals and planning strategies. Finally, a collection of sample ordinances demonstrates how communities across the country are integrating LID into their development regulations.

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Date Published
Jan. 1, 2009
APA Planning Advisory Service