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PAS Essential Info Packet 24

By American Planning Association

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Does your community struggle with parking? Excessive parking requirements increase impervious surface coverage, consume valuable real estate, drive up the cost of housing and redevelopment projects, and subsidize automobile use to the detriment of other transportation modes. Concern is growing among planners and the public alike over these negative impacts. Luckily, a number of tools and strategies can provide alternatives to traditional one-size-fits-all minimum parking requirements.

This PAS Essential Info Packet provides articles and reports on the background, importance, and range of parking strategies available to planners. Staff reports and sample ordinances address shared parking, parking in-lieu of fees, parking requirement exceptions and reductions, special parking requirements for downtown districts, "green" parking design, permeable pavement, and bicycle parking.

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Date Published
Sept. 1, 2009
APA Planning Advisory Service