Podcast Instructions

New to podcasting? No problem, with this instructional page we'll have you on your way to enjoying APA's audio programming in no time.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital media file that is accesed via the Internet. It is obtained or "subscribed to" by users through a syndication feed and then can be played on a PC, mobile device, or digital media player. Podcasting is just one type of webcasting that deals exclusively with audio. It acts in much the same way as a radio show, but with the extra added benefit of being available to users whenever they desire.

What do I need to get started?

In order to make sure you are ready to listen to APA podcasts, you first must make sure you have the correct software. Your computer needs only two things: a podcast receiver and a media player. Most PCs and Macintosh computers come with a media player installed. Windows–based PCs all include the Windows Media Player, while all Macintosh computers are equiped with Quicktime and iTunes. Third-party media players such as MusicMatch Jukebox and Winamp work as well. The iTunes software by Apple is your best bet for downloading, organizing, and playing back your podcasts. The iTunes software will work for both Windows and Macintosh users.

Download the latest version of iTunes

How do I access or "subscribe" to the APA podcast?

For iTunes users there are two ways of subscribing to our podcasts:

  1. The first way is to go to the Music Store section in iTunes and search for "American Planning Association." Once the results display, click on the "subscribe" button. The APA podcast will automatically be added to the "Podcasts" section of your iTunes software. They can then be played from this section.

  2. The second way is to click on the "Advanced" tab in the top menu in the iTunes software and select "Subscribe to Podcast." Once the blank text box appears you need to copy and paste this url into that area and click OK: http://www.planning.org/podcast/podcast.xml

Now that you have subcribed you can listen to the podcast directly through iTunes. You can also use iTunes to add your APA podcasts to your iPod or other portable media player.

More information on podcasts and iTunes

Other Podcast Receivers

Other podcast receivers don't neccessarily play your media files but they will subcribe and organize your podcasts for you. You can then play the media files with your computer's default media player such as Windows Media Player, Quicktime, MusicMatch Jukebox, Winamp, and others. Here are a few of the podcast receivers that are available for free online:


Primetime Podcast Receiver

Ziepod Podcast Receiver

Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox Internet browser can now also be used to subscribe to RSS feeds such as podcasts.