Green Communities Research Center

Climate Change

Scientists and climate experts agree that our climate is changing. The earth is getting warmer and is expected to continue warming into the future. The key question is how fast and how severe the impacts will be and whether we can adopt policies and plans for mitigating against and adapting to these impacts.

Climatologists reporting for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) note human activities as the major contributor to global warming and express growing fears that warming will accelerate in the coming years with potentially devastating impacts.

The Green Communities Research Center brings you relevant research and information related to climate change. Recent projects include Planning for a New Energy and Climate Future, a joint research and education project between APA and EESI exploring planning in the context of energy issues and climate change. The Climate Change Reader and Planners Energy and Climate Database were developed as part of this project, as was the January/February 2009 PAS Memo "Integrating Energy and Climate into Planning."

APA also developed a Policy Guide on Planning and Climate Change.

Other resources include the City Parks Forum Briefing Paper on Climate Change Management and QuickNotes 13: Climate Change and Energy.


Climate Change Implementation at the Local Level

April 2009