Hazards Planning Research Center

Addressing Hazards in

Capital Improvements Programs

Where a community invests its money in capital improvements speaks volumes about its priorities. If hazard mitigation is a priority, it will show up somehow in a community's capital budgeting. Not all mitigation costs money, at least not in capital outlays, but many important projects do, especially those where any sort of infrastructure is implicated. This includes investments in roads, bridges, sewers, airports, water treatment facilities, levees, public transit, and public buildings.

Currently, the Hazards Planning Research Center is addressing this question through its work on the forthcoming PAS Report, Integrating Hazard Mitigation into Local Planning. Funded by FEMA, this project is examining best practices in how communities integrate hazard mitigation into all aspects of the planning process, including capital improvements programming. Six case studies in the report will include consideration of this issue in each case.