Hazards Planning Research Center

Hazard Mitigation Planning

The major recent initiative of the Hazards Planning Research Center, involving a contract with FEMA, was PAS Report No. 560, Hazard Mitigation: Integrating Best Practices into Planning, released in 2010. This study examines best practices in all areas of integrating mitigation into local plan making, including the comprehensive plan, plan implementation tools, and capital improvements programming. It includes six major case studies of communities deemed to be in the forefront of such efforts. This builds on earlier efforts in which APA partnered with FEMA to provide training on hazard mitigation planning to professional planners.

"Planning for a Disaster-Resistant Community," a one-day interactive workshop, is still available for use by APA chapters, regional planning agencies, and other planning organizations and resulted from a contract with APA in 2001-2002. This workshop is presented in a shorter, half-day format every year as one of the professional development workshops at the APA National Planning Conference.

The Hazards Planning Research Center also participated in the development of a One-Day Planners Training Service workshop, "Planning Flood-Resilient Communities," to provide direct, hands-on training for planners on best practices in floodplain management and hazard mitigation planning.