Hazards Planning Center

Advanced Recovery Strategies for Local Communities

Project Overview

Every community needs to be ready for all phases of emergency management. The recovery period lasts considerably longer than any other phase but receives the least amount of attention ahead of time. The few courses that exist presently are targeted at emergency managers, even though development professionals are those responsible for developing, executing, and implementing recovery plans.

In collaboration with the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, APA helped develop a FEMA-certified course that provides all training necessary for development professionals — e.g., city planners, engineers, economic development staff, building inspectors, private-sector development professionals, and emergency managers — to prepare recovery plans and lead the recovery planning process.

The course contains three separate components:

  1. A web-based course, appropriate for the general public, which provides the basic tools necessary to develop a strategic plan to recover after a disaster. This course serves as a prerequisite for the instructor-led portion.
  2. A one-day instructor-led course, which focuses on government, industry, and private sector participants with the necessary content and rigor to qualify participants for Certification Maintenance credit with the American Planning Association.
  3. A one-day "workshop challenge" leading to the design of a Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan.

The course provides participants with:

  • A working knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations associated with disaster recovery
  • The tools to increase local government preparedness for disaster recovery
  • Familiarity with the components of a Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Ability to apply learned concepts to the development of a Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan
  • An overview of contemporary research and literature related to disaster recovery at the local level
  • The ability to work with a Pre-Disaster Recovery Plan template to create a jurisdictional plan
  • The ability to test and customize the jurisdictional plan through a range of scenario-based exercises