Hazards Planning Research Center


From policy guides, reports and publications, to online courses and podcasts, APA has a variety of resources to assist planners.

APA Resources

APA Library

Materials available at the APA Library

Zoning Practice (Subscribers Only)

  • FREE ISSUE: Safe Growth Audits (Zoning Practice, October 2009)
  • Buildout Analysis: A Valuable Planning and Hazard Mitigation Tool (Zoning Practice, March 2006)
  • Integrating Stormwater Regulation and Urban Design (Zoning Practice, November 2006)
  • Using Zoning to Reduce Flood Damages (Zoning Practice, March 2008)
  • Models for Mitigating Wildfire Hazards Through Zoning (Zoning Practice, March 2005)

Books and Products available at APAPlanningBooks.com

  • Disaster Recovery (CD-ROM)
  • Landslide Hazards and Planning (PAS Report No. 533/534, September 2005)
  • Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction (PAS Report No. 484/484, December 1998)
  • Planning for Landslide Hazards and Planning (No. 533/534, September 2005)
  • Planning for Safe Growth (CD-ROM)
  • Planning for the Unexpected (PAS Report No. 531, February 2005)
  • Planning for Wildfires (PAS Report No. 529/530, February 2005)

Planning Advisory Service (PAS) Products (PAS Subscribers Only)

  • Making Hazards a Planning Priority (PAS Memo, July/August 2009)
  • Planners on the Gulf Coast: First Person Accounts of Enduring Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (PAS Memo, November/December 2005)

APA Website

Materials and APA statements and policies made available in connection with Hurricane Katrina, including a free PDF of Chapter 5 of Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction (PAS 483/484), containing a Model Recovery Ordinance. www.planning.org/katrina/


Midwest Flooding

A discussion with Jim Schwab, manager of the Hazards Planning Research Center at the APA, about the 2008 flooding in Iowa and other midwestern states.