Planning and Community Health Center

Healthy Communities Webinar

Planning for Food Access and the Regional Food System

 April 29, 2011

Like air, water, and shelter, food is essential for life and plays a central role in our health, economy, and culture. Healthy, sustainable communities require healthy, sustainable food systems. From preserving small scale agriculture to ensuring everyone has access to healthy, affordable foods, planners play an important role in supporting vibrant, place-based local and regional food systems.

This advanced webinar explored how Philadelphia and the greater Philadelphia region are planning for food access and the greater food system. Learn about the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission's new food system study and plan and the City of Philadelphia's food access mapping strategies and comprehensive plan update.


Kimberley Hodgson, AICP, manager of APA's Planning and Community Health Research Center

Speakers & Presentations

Alison Hastings, Senior Environmental Planner at the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission: "Planning for Greater Philadelphia's Food System" (pdf)


Amanda Wagner, Philadelphia's Food Policy Coordinator: "Get Healthy Philly" (pdf)


Clint Randall, Philadelphia's Healthy Communities Coordinator: "Get Healthy Philly" (pdf)


For more information about how draft and adopted comprehensive plans across the country are integrating food access, check out APA's new report Comprehensive Planning for Public Health.

Comprehensive Planning for Public Health (pdf)