Planning and University Research Registry (PURR)

The Planning and University Research Registry (PURR) is a vital resource for the planning community. Researchers at academic institutions, research institutes, and NGOs may post and search for information about current research affecting urban and regional planning in the U.S. and throughout the world.

PURR is a self-managed, web-based portal. In PURR, planning researchers and academics create their own user accounts; post information about research in progress; and are able to return to update, edit, or archive research projects as information changes. Users may search the database by keywords, name of researcher, and name of institution to locate brief descriptions of current and recently completed research projects in their fields of interest.

In order to list a project, you will be asked to log in with your 6-digit APA ID #.

If you are a non-member, you may create a free login to access PURR.

We strive to maintain high-quality, relevant data of interest to our audience of practicing planners and academics. Therefore, listings in PURR are restricted to funded basic or applied research projects conducted by universities, research institutes, or non-governmental organizations with relevance to urban and regional planning and related fields. 

Contact if you have questions or need assistance with your project listing.

What Kind of Projects Are Listed in PURR?

Listing in PURR is restricted to academic or applied research projects conducted by faculty or graduate students at schools of planning or by practicing professionals affiliated with planning agencies, NGOs, or government institutions.

Journalistic pieces, book manuscripts under contract, columns, general reports, staff documents, undergraduate student papers, vanity publications, and personal opinions do not qualify for listing in PURR.

PURR is not a venue for advertisement of new publications by presses, foundations, or marketing staff. However, authors and researchers may post information about substantive research projects that result in publications.

List or Edit New Project

Users may list up to three projects and edit or update as information changes.

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