'Heard It on the Radio' Resources

You can find additional information, examples, and tools to help you learn more about the benefits of planning and increase awareness about the benefits of planning among your neighbors, elected and appointed officials, and the business people in your community and region.

This is just a sample of the materials, books, videos and presentations that APA has available to help you learn more. Use it as a roadmap, knowing you will find many other helpful resources and connections as you explore the website.

Get Inspired By Great Communities

People just like you, working together with planners, elected officials and the business community, can make great communities. Keeping what's important from the past and looking ahead to the future — locally, regionally and globally — are what make the difference. This is where inspiration comes in. Plan big. Plan for the future.

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What It Takes to Make a Community Green

  • APA's Green Communities Research Center has the expertise and resources to help your community become greener and more sustainable. This national center provides a wealth of resources and background information.

Effective Engagement

Getting your neighbors involved, connecting with elected officials, and discovering the common ground for advocacy and action within a community — these are keys to creating sustaining places. The tools and strategies for engaging members of your community are as diverse as the people themselves. You can learn more about steps you can take and concrete things that other communities have done to increase community engagement in the planning process.

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Getting Help from Professional Planners

APA's Community Assistance Workshops supports planners and citizens working working side-by-side.

Learning More

Thinking regionally, understanding the science, exploring with a wider lens — these are some of the things this section can help you do. It is just a beginning.

Once you learn your way around this site, you will find more resources, more   understanding and hopefully some new challenging questions.

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Recommended Reading from APA's Bookstore

We've identified books that touch on some of the major issues underlying our television and radio PSA campaigns as well as classic texts that citizens rely on to understand and become involved in the planning process in their own communities and regions. Our intent is to open the door to your further exploration of the resources available through our bookstore.

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