French artist projects modern twist on historical landmark

La Prensa (San Antonio, TX), 2014-06-15

San Antonio , the magical city of historical landmarks, is giving one of its oldest a facelift with a modem twist using some advanced technology.

The San Femando Cathedral is the oldest functioning sanctuary in the United States and the first church in San Antonio that stands the test of time in modem day downtown.

After two years of planning with the Board of Conservancy , Archbishop Gustavo and few trips to San Antonio , French artist Xavier de Richemont debuted his newest art installation " San Antonio | the Saga" yesterday on the facade of the San Femando Cathedral . The installation will be displayed for the next 10 years.

This is Richemont's first piece in the United States . Veteran installation pieces of his could be found all over the world in places such as France , Germany , Mexico , Canada on cathedrals and museums.

Deacon Pat Rodgers told La Prensa that it was the perfect place because the church has a long history of enriching economical, historical and culture life in the Alamo city.

"It reinforces in peoples mind the place that the cathedral holds not only in history, but in the heart of the city," Rodgers said. "The Cathedral says 'this place is sacred, important and part of our lives.'"

The video installation includes everything from the historical discovery to the development of San Antonio with the basis touching on how humanity and environment thrive together.

Deacon Rodgers explained that the Archdiocese helped Richemont with historical facts about the city and they worked together to come to stand point in "appropriateness."

For the next decade, tourists and locals alike will be able to enjoy an elaborate display of history and from a community point of view it will hopefully become a tourist attraction. Deacon Rodgers said he hopes the new installation will say, "Come here and learn who we are and who we've been."

The installation will be illuminated every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. , 9:30 p.m. and 10 Main Plaza .

By Alyssa Bunting

alyssa@laprensasa. com