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What Is an RSS Feed?

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed or a "news feed" is a listing of content on a website. APA's feeds provide eligible subscribers with a list of short descriptions of case abstracts, job listings, or RFPs/RFQs. This list is updated automatically when new items are added. When subscribers click on the headline of an item in their feed reader, they are brought to the APA website to read it.

How Do I Begin?

Step one is to choose a news reader if you don't use one already. A news reader is simply a piece of software that you use to read all your subscribed news feeds, from APA and other sources, in one place. You may already use a web browser or e-mail program that doubles as a feed reader.

Name Some News Feed Readers

Commonly used news readers for desktop and mobile use are Feedly, NewsBlur, The Old Reader, and Pulse.

Feeds may also be read in Internet Explorer, in Firefox, and in Microsoft Outlook.

How Do I Subscribe to APA's RSS Feeds?

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