Emerging Issues

APA division initiatives address emerging issues and bring focus to cross-cutting planning challenges from the diverse perspectives of 21 planning specialty and interest areas.

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Sharing Economy

Planners are increasingly preparing for an uncertain future. The widespread adoption of smart phones and other technologies has disrupted traditional markets (e.g., hotel, taxi, etc.) with peer-to-peer transactions. What do these changes mean for our communities? How should planning as a profession and individual planners respond?

Sharing Economy Bibliography

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Smart cities and sustainability

Planners occupy a critical place in the advancement of Smart Cities. They use a spectrum of data to derive benchmarks for improving our cities and identifying opportunities for the future.

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Planning for a more dynamic population

How do planners adapt to new needs/demands? From aging and increasingly diverse populations to re-urbanization and shrinking cities, APA's Planning for a More Dynamic Population Inititiave addresses the planning issues generated by population trends.

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Aging and livable communities

Baby Boomers are predicted to represent 20 percet of the U.S. population by 2030. The Aging of America provides an extraordinary opportunity for planners to create plans and policies, and help develop and redevelop communities that are more age friendly.

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Past Initiatives

Learn about past APA Division initiatives:

Airports in the Region and Food Systems