About the Planning Advisory Service

Since 1949, planners have turned to APA's Planning Advisory Service (PAS) for the information they need.

Are you a director or manager?

Make sure you have the most up-to-date information on planning trends, tools, and techniques. Provide your staff with their own on-call research team. A Planning Advisory Service subscription provides full access to the entire suite of PAS and APA resources, including PAS Reports, PAS Memo, and PAS QuickNotes, as well as unlimited use of our customized research service. We'll help your planners get the job done.

Are you a planner?

Whatever you're working on, PAS can help. If your department or organization subscribes to PAS, you're just a click or phone call away from practical planning resources and our customized research service. If you're tired of endless Internet searches that turn up page after page of irrelevant and unreliable information, give us a call. PAS will help you find the answers you're looking for.

When your planning department, consulting firm, or nonprofit organization subscribes to PAS, you'll be connected to the PAS resources listed below.

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Research Reports

Subscribing organizations receive each new PAS Report published by APA's Research Department. These widely respected technical reports deliver the latest developments, trends, and best practices on everything from transportation infrastructure to planning for healthy communities.

Select reports, including the valuable references A Planners Dictionary and Jobs-Housing Balance, are available online to individuals at subscribing organizations. Once your organization subscribes, you will be able to borrow past reports from PAS or buy them at a 50 percent discount from APAPlanningBooks.com.

Customized Research

The Inquiry Answer Service provides PAS subscribers with customized research on any planning topic. Once your organization subscribes, you will be able to call, e-mail, or use the convenient online inquiry request form to place a request for this service.

Our researchers have the knowledge and experience to connect you with the resources you need, and they can answer most requests via e-mail within a few days. Each month, PAS highlights a sample inquiry and response on the You Asked, We Answered webpage.

PAS also offers this service to nonsubscribers for a flat fee of $150 per research request.

Essential Information

All 25 titles in the PAS Essential Info Packets series are freely available to subscribing agencies. These popular digital compendiums provide reports, ordinances, and other materials on cutting-edge ideas such as renewable energy, timeless topics such as development review, and seasonal issues such as holiday sales lots.

Once your organization subscribes, you may access all titles in the EIP series directly.

Each Essential Info Packet is also available to nonsubscribers for $30 at APAPlanningBooks.com.

Voices from the Field

PAS Memo is a bimonthly electronic publication highlighting new programs and trends and offering how-to advice on nuts-and-bolts planning topics. Once your organization subscribes, you'll be connected to an archive of previous issues.

Handouts for Citizens and Commissioners

Subscribing organizations also have exclusive access to PAS QuickNotes, our ever-expanding series of concise handouts explaining fundamental planning concepts. Once your organization subscribes, you'll be able to download and share each edition with citizens or commissioners in your — or your client's — community.

Monthly Updates

Once your organization subscribes to PAS, our Customer Service Associates will link its staff members to its PAS account, enabling access to all online PAS resources. You and your colleagues will receive a monthly e-newsletter, This Month @ PAS, to keep you up to date on the latest PAS offerings.  

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Want to know how PAS can work for you? Please contact pas@planning.org.