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How are cities using indicators and metrics to track progress toward community goals?

What key performance indicators/metrics initiatives have larger city planning departments or cities have undertaken recently? How are they sharing this information with residents and stakeholders?

We Answered.

Community indicator measurements provide information about the interplay between social, environmental, and economic factors affecting a community’s well-being. When combined, they provide insight into the overall health of a community.

Many cities have now created online dashboards featuring indicators that allow residents to track how the city is performing in a wide range of areas. Going beyond simple "quality of life" reports, many of these indicator metrics are tied to community goals from comprehensive, sustainability, or strategic plans. Indicator categories may include themes such as "Innovative Vibrant and Caring Community" (Bellevue), "A City That Moves" (Calgary), "Environmental Health" (Fort Collins), "Family Well-Being" (San Antonio), or "Resiliency and Economic Prosperity" (San Diego). Below is a list of online performance indicator dashboards from U.S. and Canadian cities.

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