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January 2016

Regulating Ridesharing Services

February 2016

Regulating Small-cell Telecommunications Facilities


January 2015

Regulating Railway Corridor Development

July 2015

Road Repair from Intensive Uses

February 2015

Spot Zoning

August 2015

Monotonous Residential Development

March 2015

Food Overlay Districts

September 2015

City-County Development Review Cooperation

April 2015

Zoning University Campuses

October 2015

Zoning for Adaptive Reuse

May 2015

Small-Lot Subdivisions

November 2015

Travel Trailer and RV Occupancy

June 2015

Fiscal Impacts of Mixed Use Development

December 2015

Safety and Security through Design


January 2014

Parking Lot Landscaping

July 2014

Economic Gardening Programs

February 2014

Communitywide Strategic Plan

August 2014

External Connectivity for New Subdivisions

March 2014

Tobacco and Smoke Shops

September 2014

Short-Term Vacation Rentals

April 2014

Supporting a Creative Economy

October 2014

Compatible Interchange Area Development

May 2014

Residential Stormwater Infrastructure

November 2014

Street Naming and Renaming

June 2014

Classifying and Defining Uses in Newer
Zoning Ordinances

December 2014

Writing Better Staff Reports


January 2013

Town and Gown

July 2013

Donation Bins

February 2013

Code Enforcement Operations

August 2013

Increasing Municipal Revenue

March 2013

Parking Payment-in-Lieu

September 2013

Definition of "Family"

April 2013

Encouraging Rental Property Rehab

October 2013

Regulating Food Trucks

May 2013

Condo Conversion Best Practices

November 2013

Communicating Code Enforcement

June 2013

LOS for Bicyclists and Pedestrians

December 2013

Accessory Apartments


January 2012


July 2012

Facilities that Serve the Homeless

February 2012

Annexation Fiscal Impacts

August 2012

The Role of Branding

March 2012

Storm Shelters

September 2012

Regulating Online Sales

April 2012


October 2012

Homelessness in the Comprehensive Plan

May 2012

Rental Housing Licensing

November 2012

Brewpubs and Microbreweries

June 2012

Ideal Land Use Ratio

December 2012



January 2011

Arts and Entertainment Districts

July 2011

Cell Tower Design and Siting

February 2011

Regulating Pets

August 2011

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

March 2011

Central Business District Noise

September 2011

Human Signs

April 2011

Community Gardens

October 2011

Land Banking

May 2011

Soft-sided Accessory Buildings

November 2011

Cottage Housing

June 2011

Sidewalk Cafes

December 2011

Ethical Principles for Board Members


January 2010

Pedestrian Access

July 2010

Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances

February 2010

Public Participation in Visioning

August 2010

Shipping Container Storage

March 2010

Pervious Surfaces

September 2010

Distilleries and Wineries

April 2010

Mobile Medical Uses

October 2010

Drive-through Uses

May 2010

Home-Based Businesses

November 2010

Wood-burning Furnaces

June 2010

Amateur Radio Towers

December 2010

Vacant Storefronts


January 2009

Green Parking

July 2009

Religious Uses

February 2009

Night Sky Protection

August 2009

Historic District Designation

March 2009

Parkland Dedication Requirements

September 2009

Outdoor Dining

April 2009

Focus Groups

October 2009

Urban Chickens

May 2009

Hillside Development

November 2009

Zoning Code Improvement

June 2009

Water Quality

December 2009

Hand-painted Signs


January 2008

Lot Line Adjustments

July 2008

Tree Preservation

February 2008

Developing Small Area Plans

August 2008

Regulating Paint Schemes

March 2008

Transit-Oriented Development

September 2008

Post-disaster Permitting

April 2008

Environmentally Sensitive Lands

October 2008

Regulating Electronic Signs

May 2008

Master Planned Communities

November 2008

Skinny Streets Standards

June 2008


December 2008



January 2007

Group Homes

July 2007


February 2007

Open Space

August 2007

Animal Care Facilities

March 2007

Traffic Impact Studies

September 2007

ADA Transition Plan

April 2007

Form-based Codes

October 2007

Curbing Rural Sprawl

May 2007

Formula Businesses

November 2007

Managing Commercial Development

June 2007

Managing Teardowns

December 2007

Aging Commercial Corridor


September 2006

University Student Housing

November 2006

Fence Regulation

October 2006

Inclusionary Housing Resources

December 2006

Agricultural Businesses