Planner Profiles is a series of stories from APA members on how they got where they are — their career path, experience, and accomplishments. Planners explore their education, who influenced them, and APA's role in helping set them on course to their current position.

Planner Profiles illustrate the breadth of career opportunities in the field of planning to help map out career paths for professionals whether they're new planners or career changers.

Be inspired, take direction, and make the next step.

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Headshot of Sue Mobley.
At the Intersection of Arts and Planning

"Urbanist, Organizer, Advocate"

Suzanne-Juliette Mobley

Headshot of Gisla Augustin.
Shaping Black Planners of the Future

"Planner, Entrepreneur, Coach"

Gisla Augustin

Headshot of Scott Goldstein, FAICP.
Connecting Communities to Opportunities

"My Career in Community and Economic Development "

Scott Goldstein, FAICP

Rainbow streamers.
Diversity and Inclusion in Planning

Celebrating LGBTQ Planners

Learn about the careers of five LGBTQ and Planning Division members.

Headshot of Amit Price Patel for Planner Profile
Urban Designer, Planner, Architect

"My Career as an Urban Designer"

Amit Price Patel, AICP, AIA

Headshot of Marccus Hendricks.
Scholar, Mentor, Activist

"My Career as a Planning Scholar Working Toward Equity"

Marccus Hendricks, PhD

Headshot of Michael DiPasquale, AICP
Planning With Community Support

"My Career in Sustainable Community Development"

Michael DiPasquale, AICP, AIA

Planning for Alternatives to Automobiles and Parking

"My Career in Urban Mobility"

Jason Schrieber, AICP

Planning for Strong Public Schools

"My Career Blending Community Economic Development & K-12 Public Education"

Shannon Jaax, AICP

Promoting Eco-Industrial Networking and Green Building

"My Career in Planning for Eco-Industrial Development"

Peter Lowitt, FAICP

Coalition Building for Community Resilience

"My Career as a Resilience and Neighborhood Planner"

Daphne Lundi

Innovating for Public Engagement

"My Career in Visioning Communities"

James Rojas

Comprehensive Neighborhood Planning

"My Career in Community Planning and Development"

Perris Straughter, AICP

Empowering Neighbors to Plan Neighborhoods

"My Career As a Social Justice Planner"

Monique López, AICP, MA, MCRP

Living History of Planning

"My 60 Year Career As a Planner"

Richard Bolan, FAICP

Water Management in a Coastal City

"My Career in Floodplain Management"

Brad Klamer, CFM

Shaping Healthier, More Engaged Communities

"My Career Fostering Healthy, Engaged Communities"

Suzanne Nienaber, AICP

Technology for Transportation, Smart Cities, and Complex Decision Making

"My Career in Civic Technology"

Janae Futrell, AICP, LEED AP

Urbanist, Engineer, City Planner

"My Career As an Urbanist"

Claire Flurin

Economic Development and Civic Tech

"My Career Helping Entrepreneurs Through Economic Development"

Lucas Lindsey

Transportation Planning

Four Transportation Career Stories

Each month APA's Transportation Planning Division interviews a member at random. Here are four interviews from the division's archives.

Equitable Development Expert

"My Career in Equitable Development and Environmental Justice"

Carlton Eley

Hazards Planner

"My Career as the Master of Disaster"

Jim Schwab, FAICP

Headshot of Jennifer Sien Erickson.
Regional Planner

"My Career as a Regional Planner"

Jennifer Sien Erickson

Director of Planning and Zoning

"Youngest Director of Planning and Zoning in New York State"

Daniel Barusch

Director of Planning and Sustainability

"The 30-Year Journey of a Sustainability Professional"

Wayne Feiden, FAICP

Neighborhood Development

"My Career with the U.S. Green Building Council"

Casey Studhalter

Government Planning

Careers in Federal Planning

Four federal planners discuss their very different career paths and talk about opportunities in federal planning.

Founder of a Private Firm

"My Career as a Small Business Owner"

Courtney Kashima, AICP

International Urban Planning and Development Consultant

"My Career as a Researcher on West African Cities"

Victoria Okoye

Economic Development Specialist

"My Career as a Planner in Economic Development"

Marissa Garnett, AICP

Food Planning and Policy

Food Systems Planning

Members of the APA Food Systems Division conducted interviews with a wide variety of practicing planners engaged in some aspect of food planning or policy.

Smart Growth Advocate

"My Career Journey as a Planner"

Hugh Morris, AICP

Healthy Communities Planner

"My Career Journey as a Planner"

Miguel A. Vazquez, AICP