Quick Guide to APA E-Books

APA's e-books offer favorite planning titles for the way you read now: on your reader, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Here's what you need to know before and after you buy.

What e-book formats does APA offer?

APA offers e-books in the three most popular formats: EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. Each file includes a bookmarked table of contents for easy navigation.

Which e-book format will work best with my device?

Generally speaking, you'll want to purchase:

  • MOBI format if you have a Kindle
  • EPUB format if you have an Apple device, an Android device, Nook e-reader, or Kobo eReader
  • PDF if you plan to read the book on a laptop or desktop

However, almost every format can work with any device if you download the correct app and open the file through it. To see which formats and apps are compatible with your device, check out the tables below.


Amazon Kindle

Format Apps
MOBI Bluefire Reader, iBooks
PDF Adobe Reader (8.x or higher)

Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo eReader, and Sony Reader

Format Apps
EPUB Bluefire Reader, iBooks
PDF Adobe Reader (8.x or higher)

Apple and Android Smartphones and Tablets

Format Apps
EPUB Bluefire Reader, iBooks, Google Play Books
MOBI Kindle
PDF Adobe Reader (8.x or higher), Google Play Books

Macs and PCs

Format Apps
EPUB Calibre, Google Play Books
MOBI Calibre
PDF Adobe Reader (8.x or higher), Google Play Books

BlackBerry Smartphones

Format Apps
EPUB Bluefire Reader, iBooks
MOBI Kindle
PDF Adobe Reader (8.x or higher)

What happens after I make my purchase?

Once your purchase has been processed, you'll see a printable receipt on screen. You'll also receive your receipt in a confirmation e-mail from APA.

Your receipt will include a link to a webpage with a "download" button. Click the button to download your e-book. When the download is complete, save the file to your computer and your e-reading device. We also recommend saving it to an external hard drive or other type of secure backup system.

To see which e-books you've purchased, visit planning.org/myapa/ and click on "My Digital Items" in the left-hand menu.

May I receive a refund if I wish to return an e-book?

All e-book sales are final. No e-book refunds will be issued.

May I send the e-book I purchased to a friend?

APA e-books are intended for use only by the person who made the purchase.

Do my e-books have an expiration date?

No. You may continue to enjoy your APA e-books indefinitely, and your APA e-book files will remain in the "My Digital Items" section of your account.

What if I get a new device?

If you get a new device that's compatible with e-books you've already purchased, you may download them again from "My Digital Items" at no extra cost.

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If you have questions about an order you placed for APA's print books, call 866-620-6945 (toll free) or e-mail PlanningBooks@planning.org.