Planning April 2008

Planning April 2008

Special National Planning Awards Issue

Planning cover - Seneca Knitting MillsTaking Green Higher

Excellence Award for Innovation in Green Community Planning: UniverCity — A Model Sustainable Community.

Navigating the Future of the Erie Canal

Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan: Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor.

Green Goes According to Plan

Excellence Award for Implementation: Marin County Sustainability Program.

Transit Tenacity

Excellence Award for a Grassroots Initiative: Central City Community Transportation Plan.

It Takes a Region

Excellence Award for Public Outreach: Project Region.

Greenlight in Orange County

Achievement Award for a Hard-Won Victory: Newport Beach General Plan.

Delivering on TOD

Excellence Award for Best Practice: Transit Oriented Development Program.

A Remarkable (Volunteer) Career

Leadership Award for a Planning Advocate: Dave Brown.

A Campaigner We Can All Agree On

Distinguished Contribution Award: Joe Tovar, FAICP.

Environment, Transportation Top Boxer's 2008 Agenda

Legislator of the Year: U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Olver Shapes Transportation and Housing Spending

Legislator of the Year: U.S. Rep. John Olver.

Preserving the Peaks

Planning Landmark Award: Phoenix Mountain Preserve Plan.

Planning Students Get on the Case

AICP Student Project Awards.

From Soup to Jobs — CWM Does It All

HUD Secretary's Opportunity and Empowerment Award: Clara White Mission.

Covering the Bases

APA Journalism Awards and JAPA Best Article Award.

Meet the Jury

Building Cities in the Virtual World

It's time for Web 2.0. Josh Stevens and Chris Steins explain.

Reclaiming the Hudson

A rich history drives revitalization on the upper reaches of the river. George Homsy reports.

Hanoi (and I) in Transition

Paul Angelone's first person account of his experiences in Vietnam.


Ruptured water main, infrastructure funding.

Legal Briefs


Certification maintenance, bicycle beef.

Planners Library

Megalopolis at 50, meeting in the middle.


What global warming looks like from the top of the globe.

Cover: Seneca Knitting Mills, photo submitted for the Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan, Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor Preservation and Management Plan; Grants Program — Sense of Place, Seneca Falls. Photo by Tim Etter.