Planning December 2008

Planning December 2008

Planning coverGreat Neighborhoods

Steven Litt describes neighborhoods of lasting value. The first of three stories celebrating APA's Great Places in America program.

Great Public Spaces

Gene Bunnell explains a vital key to building communities. The second of three stories about Great Places in America.

Great Streets

We're learning how to make them again, says Jonathan Barnett. The last of three stories about Great Places in America.

Brave New Nonmotorized World

Jay Walljasper predicts a resurgence of foot and pedal power in the coming decades.

Future Shock

Two stories about transportation innovations: Podcar, Anyone? by Lawrence Fabian, and Travel Smart: A Proposal by Alexander Pollock.

Post Carbon Cities

What would happen locally if global oil production peaked by 2012? Daniel Lerch ponders the answers in Planning Practice. Chris Ryan explains relocalization in a sidebar.

Sidebar: A Yankee Model for Sustainability

Current Concerns

How the "smart grid" can make electricity cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable. Bill Hewitt reports. A Green Communities story.

Garages Aren't Just for Cars Anymore

Let's use them for businesses, says Suzan Tobin.

A Landscape of Hazards

Jim Schwab visits disaster-prone New Zealand.

Central Park South

Alexander Garvin explains what's special about Memphis's big new park — with an interview by Ruth Knack.


A column by Paul Farmer, APA's Executive Director and CEO.


Denver transit, Stockton climate suit.

Legal Briefs

Public trust doctrine, backyard burial.


Nuclear power planning.

Planners Library

On the road again, growth boundaries.


The chance of a lifetime.

Cover: Washington's Union Station, one of APA's designated Great Public Spaces. Photo courtesy Otavio Thompson.