Planning February 2008

Planning February 2008

Special Conference Issue on Las Vegas

Planning coverWhat Is Las Vegas?

It's lots of things, says reporter Joe Schoenmann. To tourists, it's the glitter of the Strip. To residents,  it's (relatively) affordable housing. To outdoor types, it's hiking in the mountains. To planners, it's possibilities.

Sidebar: Politics in Paradise

The Valley's 800-Pound Gorilla

It's water, of course, says Phoebe Sweet.

Quick Change Artist

Planning manager Flinn Fagg describes a reinvented city. Planning and development director Margo Wheeler answers the question, "Why here?"

Sidebar: Why Here? A Short History of Las Vegas

Housing at the Edge

Mike Trask and Lisa McQuerrey report on real problems in a real community. Ruth Knack profiles the area's homeless coordinator (part of our Overlooked America series).

Sidebar: Learning from the Homeless

The G-Word

Like it or not, the valley's economy rests on gambling, writes Richard Velotta. Also, JoAnn Greco's report on Atlantic City and an interview with Robert Goodman on the impacts of gambling.

Sidebar: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Sidebar: Atlantic City Still a Contender

Working GIS Miracles

GIS manager Thomas Lo explains how Washoe County, Nevada, upgraded its 20-year-old system. This month's Planning Practice article.

What Stays in Las Vegas Is Green

The valley is serious about cleaning up its act, says Brian Sodoma. Also, Kimberly Reinhart on life as an environmental planner in southern Nevada. A Green Communities story.

Crisis on Route 160

Omar Sofradzija describes the transportation problems that threaten to overwhelm the metro area. Attorney Lora Lucero updates an airport takings case, and Paulette Carolin offers a transportation planner's wish list.

Sidebar: Sisolak Spells Trouble for Nevada Airports

Sidebar: RTC's Wish List

Sprawl Stops Here

Boulder City sticks to its guns, say its planners, Brok Armantrout and Susan Danielewicz.

News and Legal Briefs

Energy bill, Maryland growth tests.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing on land adjustment, the subject of an article by Sevkiye Sence Turk in this month's Journal of Planning Literature.


Mitigation banking.

Planners Library

New books by Tony Downs, Christopher Leinberger.


A design treasure.

Cover: Bike touring in the vicinity of Las Vegas. Photo courtesy Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.