Planning November 2008

Planning November 2008

Planning coverLowry Lowdown

Peter Bronski describes what happened when a private firm took over cleanup duties on a former military base. Sidebars by Jim Romeo and Corry Berkooz note other brownfield conversions.

Sidebar: Brown to Green: A Tale of Two Cities

Sidebar: From Bus Garage to Senior Housing

Branson Takes to the Air

A private airport nestles into the Ozarks. Peter Blais reports.

Nuclear Power Makes a Comeback

Bridget Mintz Testa looks at an old energy source that is getting a new lease on life.

Over 70 and Still Kicking

What lies ahead for the historic Maryland town of Greenbelt? Mary Konsoulis seeks the answer. With a sidebar on Greendale, Wisconsin, by Greg Flisram.

Sidebar: How Has the Wisconsin Version Fared?

A Surprisingly Urban Place

Paul Goldberger draws some lessons from studying four generations of design in Las Vegas.

Eyes on the City

A conversation with Paul Goldberger — by Ruth Eckdish Knack.

Counting Down to 2010

Chris Williamson explains how to get prepared for the next census — in Planning Practice.

Got Culture?

Looking for an economic revitalization tool? Try art and history, says Ruth Knack.

Going Native

One California city uses indigenous plants — and saves water — in three small parks. David Contreras explains. A Green Communities Story.


California law, Nashville code.

Legal Briefs

"Use permitted" vs. "permitted use"

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing discusses Stephen Wheeler's JAPA article assessing city and state climate action plans.

Planners Library

Survival in the heartland, virtual future.


Road widening, NOAA statistics.


The merits of $10 a gallon gasoline.

Cover: Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, a two-unit plant near Oswego, New York, on the shore of Lake Ontario. Photo © Constellation Energy Group, Inc. 2008.