Planning October 2008

Planning October 2008

Planning cover - New and old bridges over the Penobscot River near Bucksport, MaineOur Daunting To-Do List

James Krohe Jr. asks what we're going to do about our infrastructure problems. Also: an interview with U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer by Geof Koss and a sidebar on transportation funding by Jason Jordan.

Sidebar: Good News, Bad News

Sidebar: Blumenauer Pushes for a National Conversation on Infrastructure

Scrambling for Dollars

Vicki Needham wades through different versions of the 2009 federal budget — still a work in progress.

Sidebar: Two Cents' Worth

Adventures in Foreign Trade

Meghan Stromberg interviews consultants who work in exotic locales — in Planning Practice.

Coming Full Circle

High-tech tools are helping with neighborhood planning. Sef Okoth explains how.

From Vision to Simulated Reality

Video game technology takes visualization to a whole new level. David Morley reports.

Harboring Ambitions

Greg Flisram finds new life in some Great Lakes ports.

Putting Wind to Work

Three authors sort out the challenges of balancing conservation, climate change, and local siting issues. With a sidebar on solar power by Allen Best.

Sidebar: Solar Power's Friends and Enemies

Parks Under Siege

Peter Harnik defines the word "encroachment." Nancy Seeger's sidebar describes the battle over a museum proposed for Chicago's Millennium Park.

Sidebar: A Battle over Chicago's 'Front Yard'


A column by Paul Farmer, APA's Executive Director and CEO.


Easement scam, Ontario conservation plan.

Legal Briefs

Rhode Island signs, Illinois TIFs.


Wastewater recycling, nice writing.

Planners Library

Globalization in the heartland.


Can the profession cope with all this?

Cover: New and old bridges over the Penobscot River near Bucksport, Maine. Photo by Sylvia Lewis.