Planning April 2009

Planning April 2009

Planning coverOil Wars

"Drill, baby, drill." In some places, those are fighting words. Dave Downey reports on the West Coast, Bridget Testa on the Eastern Gulf.

Sidebar: Uncharted Waters in the Gulf

A Run to the Sun

Solar collectors or trees? Allen Best describes how communities are balancing competing needs.
A green communities story.

Sidebar: Harvesting Wind, Too

When the Boom Busts

Three of the nation's fastest growing suburbs have hit a speed bump. Paul Shigley describes the outcomes.

Scroll, Roll, and Flash

James Krohe Jr. visits the world of digital signs — in Planning Practice.


Stimulus bill, Great Lakes water diversion.

Legal News

Fair housing, condemnation.

By the Numbers

A monthly column on stats in the news — by APA's Research Department. This month: oil and gas.

Ever Green

Is the stimulus plan a missed opportunity?


Planners and cars, shame on you.

Planners Library

Second chance suburbs, TOADS.


New reports, videos, blogs, etc.


Lessons from Indonesia.

2009 National Planning Awards

Daniel Burnham Award

Greensburg Sustainable Comprehensive Plan

Daniel Burnham Award

Kigali Comprehensive Master Plan

Innovation in Regional Planning Award

Orange County Great Park Comprehensive Master Plan

Implementation Award

Livable Centers Initiative.

Grassroots Initiative Award

Lower Italian Market Revitalization Project

Best Practice Award

Design for Health

Public Outreach Award

VisionPDX: Portland's Community Visioning Project

Hard-Won Victory Award

Greater Miami Drinking Water Protection Project

Paul Davidoff Award for Social Change and Diversity

Cano Martin Pena Special Planning District — Land Use and Comprehensive Development Plan

Planning Advocate Award

John Nolon

Student Planner Award

Emy Mendoza

HUD Secretary's Award

Homebase, New York City Homeless Services.

National Planning Pioneer Award

David Wallace, AICP

AICP Student Project Awards

Delaware River Basin, Seattle, Eugene

Journalism Awards and JAPA Best Article Award

Dallas and Casper, Wyoming

Cover: VisionPDX contacts meet at the request of a Portland city commissioner to discuss the difficult issues surrounding schools, families, and housing. Photo by Stephanie D. Stephens.