Planning August/September 2009

Planning August/September 2009

Special Issue: The Food Factor

A farmers market vegetable displayWhere Food Planning and Health Intersect

Kimberley Hodgson's story on the next big trend plus an interview with Kathleen Merrigan of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Web Extra: Additional Resources.

Sidebar: A New Direction at the USDA

A Serious Flirt With Dirt

Greg Flisram notes that urban farming is making a comeback — and describes some potential spinoff businesses. Sidebars on Vancouver and Tarpon Springs.

Sidebar: Tarpon Springs Builds a Road to Local Food

Sidebar: Vancouver's Green Thumb

Lawn Be Gone

Gabriela Worrel visits some edible front yards. Sidebars on backyard chickens and Berkeley's schoolyard gardens.

Sidebar: What's Fowl Is Fair

Sidebar: Berkeley Schools Go Green

When Access Is the Issue

Paul Shigley describes nationwide efforts to get healthy food into underserved neighborhoods.
With a sidebar on zoning.

Sidebar: Traditional Tools that Help Build Good Health

Delicious in Detroit

Vacant land can be an asset, as Olga Bonfiglio reports. Sidebars on Montreal and on LA's vertical gardens.

Sidebar: Montreal's One Percent Solution

Sidebar: It Takes a Wall

Saving Farms and Farmland

How well do preservation tools work? Tom Daniels reports in Planning Practice.

Sidebar: The Struggle for African American Agriculture

Web Extra: How Conservation Easements Work

The Biggest Picture

Molly Phemister maps out food and hunger issues around the world.


Denver's form-based code, New Orleans update.

Web Extra: Q&A with New Orleans 'Recovery Czar' Ed Blakely

Legal News

Megan's Law, Florida takings.

By the Numbers

A monthly column on statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: food trends.

Ever Green

Bring back the victory garden.


Warmongers, flood policy.

Planners Library

Vanishing wetlands, urban design.


News reports, blogs, videos, etc.


Waterfronts: our first line of defense.

Cover: A farmers market vegetable display. Photo ©