Planning January 2009

Planning January 2009

Special Conference Issue on The Twin Cities

Planning coverGreat Places Close to Home

A quick tour of some of the best developments in the Twin Cities metro area. Also: a look at the Duluth Lakewalk and an interview with Minneapolis planning director (and conference cochair) Barbara Sporlein.

Sidebar: And Now a Word from the Director

Sidebar: The Tale of the Lakewalk

A Noble History

Residents of "the cities" have a lot to be proud of, says Judith Martin.

A Balancing Act in the Headwaters

Adam Arvidson describes the competing interests along the Mississippi.

Sidebar: Revamping the Levees

Sidebar: Minnesota Nice

Celebrate the Water

Ruth Knack on the return of the Dutch to New Orleans.

Trouble in Lake Country

Upstate cottage communities deal with sprawl. By Jay Walljasper and Sam Newburg.

Sidebar: Telling River Stories

Getting That Old Transit Religion

Transit ridership is at a peak in the Twin Cities, Steve Berg reports.

Deep Pockets

Public-spirited Minnesota grant makers see planning as a priority, says Colleen Frankhart.


Paul Farmer's bimonthly column.


Election results, National Mall levee.

Legal News

When is a church really a church?

By the Numbers

A new monthly column on stats in the news.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing talks about a JAPA article on TDR success factors by Rick Pruetz and Noah Standridge.


Barriers to privatization, planning at a larger scale.

Planners Library

Complete guide to energy, where public housing worked.


Another new column — this one on new reports, videos, blogs, etc.


A good time to think about tomorrow.

Cover: Minneapolis's Stone Arch Bridge was built as a railroad bridge in 1883. It's now enjoyed by bikers and hikers. Photo courtesy Minneapolis Convention + Visitors Association.