Planning July 2009

Planning July 2009

Planning coverMall Makeovers

Conversions are turning the big shopping centers into something else entirely. JoAnn Greco reports.

Sidebar: Hispanic Malls Are Thriving

Mr. Green Comes to Town

Jason Jordan notes that the environment is now at the top of the agenda in Washington.

The Big Shift

The nation adapts to its growing minority population. Nate Berg tracks the trend in Planning Practice.

Awash in Needs

Beach erosion is challenging North Carolina coastal towns. Carole Moore explains.

Design First, Codify Second

Faith Cable says that Germany offers lessons for U.S. planners.

Nairobi Redraws Its Planning Strategy

The Kenyan capital aims to be a world-class metropolis. Denis Gathanju is on the scene.

Silver Lining

Meghan Stromberg hunts for bright spots in the planning job market.


A bimonthly column by Paul Farmer, FAICP, APA's Executive Director and CEO.


Petaluma retrenches, nuclear waste.

Legal News

Tree replacement, Measure 37 settlement

By the Numbers

A monthly column on statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: exurbs.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing on the impact of self-selection analysis of travel behavior.


Transportation needs, downtown fixes.

Planners Library

Beyond Burnham, Euclid.


New reports, blogs, video, etc.


No doubt about the design-obesity link.

Cover: Little Saigon's Asian Garden Mall, Westminster, California. Photo by Wendy Grant.