Planning November 2009

Planning November 2009

Special Report: Success in Small Places

Planning coverTroy's Odyssey

Louis Jacobson visits a New York town that's on an economic roll.

Facing a New Reality

Angie Francalancia reports on a Florida suburb that's pulling out of its economic funk.

Bridge to Somewhere

Adam Regn Arvidson tells the story of a small town that redirected a federal bridge project to benefit its downtown.

Mississippi Hotspot

A modest investment in Wi-Fi put a rural community on the map. Justin Fritscher reports.

Reimagining a Mill Community

David Versel explains how Biddeford and Saco, Maine, graduated from textiles to business diversity.

Parks in Tough Times

They're getting leaner and greener, says Ruth Knack.

Sidebar: Downtown Delight

Sidebar: Think Long Term

When Bad Things Happen to Good Plans

Delays plague even the best public-private partnerships, writes Joe McElroy in Planning Practice.

Sidebar: Keeping It Going

Traffic Calming Progress Report

A new APA Planners Press book, by Reid Ewing and Steven Brown, reports on techniques used in U.S. and European cities.

Sidebar: A Complete How-To Manual

Sidebar: Warning Signs


Biloxi plan, MPO performance.

Legal News

Shooting club, grain elevator.

Ever Green

Is Houston on track to become the nation's greenest city?


Farming examined.

Planners Library

Public housing, Burnham plan.


News reports, blogs, videos, etc.

By the Numbers

A monthly column on statistics in the news — compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: transportation.


What you can do about wildfires.

Cover: A view of Troy, New York. Photo: CC-BY-SA-3.0/UpstateNYer@Wikipedia