Planning November 2011

Planning November 2011

Planning coverThe Incredible Shrinking City

Places are trying to make smaller better, but it isn't easy. James Krohe Jr. reports; Kari Lydersen provides a sidebar. A Sustaining Places story.

Sidebar: Gary Gets a GRIP

Rooming House Redux

Mark Hinshaw and Brianna Holan visit super-small units built for young singles.

The Zoning Dispute Whisperer

Joshua Abrams explains how to add mediation to the planner's toolkit.

Why Schools Need Planners

Public schools could use some professional help, argues Kelley Carey in this month's Planning Practice. With a sidebar by Valerie Edwards.

Sidebar: Improving Enrollment Planning for LA Schools

Neighbors and Neighborhoods

An excerpt from Sidney Brower's new Planners Press book describes the elements of successful community design.

Hanoi on the Brink

A growing river city ponders its future. Susan K. Moffat reports from the scene.

Sidebar: Is Seoul a Model for Hanoi?


A regular column by CEO Paul Farmer.


Arizona land scheme, Philly high line.

Legal News

Mining, broadband.

By the Numbers

Statistics in the news, compiled by APA's Research Department. This month: city stresses.

Ever Green

A regular column by Timothy Beatley. This month: on the Massachusetts waterfront.


New towns, LEED.

Planners Library

Oregon saga, disaster recovery.


New reports, blogs, videos, etc.


A pitch for long-distance trains.

Cover: Volunteers at Lansing, Michigan's Urban Farm Project. Photo courtesy Lansing Urban Farm Project.