Communications Boot Camp

Building Support for Planning

Do you want to be a smart, effective advocate for planning in your community? Enlist in basic training.

Planners encounter a variety of challenges that include ideological attacks on planning, constrained budgets, and inhospitable economic and political climates. APA has launched an intensive effort to help members build public support, counter critics, and reframe local perceptions of planning. Communications Boot Camp will empower and transform planner participants into highly effective messengers and planning advocates.

Communications Boot Camp includes free webinars, how-to guides, case studies, and other online training materials — everything you need to become a forceful champion of planning in your community.

The program draws on the insights and expertise of communications specialist Robin Rather of Collective Strength, our Washington, D.C.–based partner Axiom Communications, and other experienced communications professionals who work locally.

Why Participate in Communications Boot Camp?

In a special message to members, Past President of APA Mitchell Silver says: "Planners, it's time to show your value."


Because many of the webinars feature a discussion of key strategies for dealing with critics of planning, we are not making them available to the public. However, APA members may share these resources with key staff, commissioners, and key allied stakeholders.

Certification Maintenance

Communications Boot Camp does not offer CM credit.


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