Policy Guides Now in Development

Work is under way by APA's Legislative and Policy Committee to develop new guides on the following topics:


Social Equity and Inclusive Growth

APA invites you to engage in the policy guide development process in any of the following four ways:

1. Sign Up for Updates on These Guides

Stay informed on the progress of draft guides. We will e-mail you when there are important updates. We may also reach out if we need feedback on a critical issue in the guides. Contact policyguide@planning.org.

2. Review Early Drafts

Another way to be involved is to be a reviewer of the early drafts of the guides. Reviewers will provide their input on the text as it evolves. They will be asked to assess whether they have suggestions to improve the documents. Contact policyguide@planning.org.

3. Submit Policy Ideas and Recommendations

Have specific ideas or recommendations for content that should be covered in any of these guides? Provide your ideas to the authors. Contact policyguide@planning.org.

4. Volunteer to Help With Drafting

Want to participate in drafting any of the policy guides? Contact policyguide@planning.org.