Policy Guide in Development: Planning and Health

Comment on Draft Policy Guide

APA is developing a new policy guide on planning for healthy communities. A task force, with input from members and partner experts, presented a draft for comment at the 2017 National Planning Conference. A newly revised version is now ready for APA member input.

Comments will be accepted through August 25, 2017. A Delegate Assembly will convene at the Policy and Advocacy Conference on September 24 to review and approve a final draft.

Send comments to policyguide@planning.org

Read the Healthy Communities Draft Policy Guide

The issue of health has consistently risen as a legislative priority in recent years. Several member groups, including the Healthy Communities Collaborative, APA's health interest group; APA's Washington Chapter; and the Food Interest Group, have urged work on a policy guide related to planning and health.

A new guide will also be a valuable extension of the existing Plan4Health work, especially efforts completed in the final grant year supporting healthy planning at the state level.

An updated guide will likely include aspects of the current food policy guide, address park and recreation related issues, add policies on new health planning tools, and discuss a range of planning for physical activity concerns.

The guide will also help with upcoming and ongoing federal legislative work related to such issues as the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the reauthorization of the Farm Bill, and implementation of the FAST Act.

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