Outreach and Promotion

Sponsors and partners are a big help when it comes to promoting your town hall meeting. Find organizations and businesses willing to promote the event on their websites. Ask them to put the event on their online (and print) calendar. Make copies of promotional flyers and post them or pass them out in strategic locations around the city/town. Send copies to other organizations in the region and state. Be sure to include details on how to register for the event, so you are able to track attendance. See Exhibit C in the Appendix for an example of a promotional flyer.


Any press release should be sent out at least three days before the event. See Exhibit D in the Appendix for an example of a press release, but you should craft your own release – one that is unique to your location and the people and groups involved. Keep in mind that the news is what reporters and editors say it is. Their decision to cover the story will be greatly affected by how convincing you make your release. Demonstrate how the lack of infrastructure investment around the country, especially your state, region, and city/town impacts the public, the economy, and U.S. global competitiveness.


Submitting an op-ed piece is an excellent way to generate some excitement around the issues. Editors are looking for editorials that will easily connect with their readers and tie to a current news story.

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