Developing Interest and Participation with E-planning
by Kaizer Rangwala, AICP

Farmers Branch, Texas, has a local planning department that is getting up to speed with "e-planning." Read the Planning Practice Feature

The Urban Laboratory: Turning Up the Heat
by Robert Kelly

The urban heat island and climatic warming are increasingly important considerations in planners' efforts to promote safe growth. What is in store if we do nothing? Read the Safe Growth Supertopic Feature

Doe Mill Neighborhood:
Residents Seeking Community and Style

by Laurie Wermuth, Rachel Kinney, and Tom DiGiovanni

The authors present results of a survey of residents living in a new urban development in Chico, California, and draw practical design lessons from those results.

Case image
New Urban Builders developed Doe Mill, a residential community with design features of new urban neighborhoods.

Read the full Case Study

Historic Preservation in Small and Mid-Sized Communities — A Proactive Approach
by Patrick Sampsell, AICP

The author provides a primer on historic preservation and argues that more comprehensive, proactive approaches will work better than conventional "stick" approaches in small cities. Read Planning Essentials

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New Urban Developments:
Do They Live Up to the Claims of Proponents?

by Jerry Weitz, AICP

The editor summarizes findings of empirical studies regarding the outcomes of new urbanist developments. Read the Research Feature