Technology vs. Aesthetics in Community Planning
by Anthony W. Dater, AICP

A consulting planner in Maine contends that planners must balance the objectives of long-term aesthetics and short-term, cost-cutting technology. Read the Planning Practice Feature

Introduction to this Issue
by Jerry Weitz, AICP

The editor's introduction to this issue and a summary of the articles from his perspective. Read From the Editor

Weathering the Weather: How Derivatives Can Help
by Robert Kelly

Can weather become a tradable commodity? British Journalist Robert Kelly explains the little-known weather derivative and how it might help rescue communities from weather-related costs. View the Safe Growth Supertopic Feature

Horizon West: Managing Rural-to-Urban Transition in Orange County, Florida
by Alissa Barber Torres, AICP, and Chris Testerman, AICP

Planners in Orange County, Florida, present lessons about managing growth within a large-scale, master-planned development.

Case image
Plans for development in Horizon West incorporate principles of new urbanism and neighborhood planning.

Read the full Case Study

Who's In? Who's Out? And Who Answers Those Questions When Planning for Downtown?
by Carol D. Barrett, FAICP

Downtowns may not look like it, but they can be battlegrounds of social justice. Downtown plans should recognize the legitimacy of uses by all the residents, including panhandlers and the homeless. Read the Ethics story

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The Power of Composite: Shaking Conventions with Conventional Zoning
by David H. Hutton, AICP

What we need is a fundamental change in the way we approach zoning, the author contends. Composite zoning offers a new approach. Read Planning Essentials