New Orleans Devastation Overshadows Detroit's Erosion
by Nicole Hostettler, AICP

Detroit should utilize its unique physical and cultural landscape as an alternative method of redevelopment, the author contends. Read the Planning Practice Feature

The Kyoto Protocol: Are America's Cities About to Miss Out?
by Robert Kelly

Nonparticipation by the United States in the Kyoto Protocol represents a missed opportunity for American cities, a British journalist contends. perspective. Read the Safe Growth Supertopic Feature

In Pursuit of Racial Integration
by Jerry Weitz, AICP

The editor highlights social equity as a common theme in the practice feature and case study. Read From the Editor

The Absence of Minority Concentration Assessments in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit:
An Empirical Data Case Study of Durham, North Carolina

by Diane M. Standaert

The author asks whether the federal government can ensure racial equality among the beneficiaries of Low Income Housing Tax Credits without either considering racial composition of the neighborhoods in which it funds developments or monitoring the beneficiaries' racial characteristics.

Case image
Planners may not fully comprehend how they can use GIS technology in a way that promotes integrated living patterns.

Read the full Case Study

Live/Work and Work/Live Spaces:
Potential Economic Development Applications

by Jennie Geisner

Eager to attract a "creative class" whose talent and innovation will stimulate economic growth, communities are actively exploring "live/work" and "work/live" spaces as affordable and favorable alternatives for artists and entrepreneurs. Read Planning Essentials

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Planning: Universal Process
by Melville C. Branch, FAICP

One of the planning profession's most distinguished and accomplished scholars shares his thoughts on the planning process in business, government, the military, and in general. Read the Special Essay From a Fellow