Thinking Big Again in Philadelphia
by Benjamin Ginsberg, AICP

What happened to the mega-project? Streetscape improvements and neighborhood plans aren't enough. Planners must produce large-scale visions or risk piecemeal, bland, and ineffective results. See what Philadelphia is doing to think big again. Read the Planning Practice Feature

From the Editor
by Jerry Weitz, AICP

The editor introduces the contents of this issue. Read From the Editor

Paradigm Shift a la Detroit
by David S. Silverman, AICP

Revolutionary ideas are inspiring, but more mundane ones often best meet reality. Deurbanizing Detroit is unrealistic; the city should pursue a neighborhood-based model instead. Read Counterpoint

Making Sense of New Urban Claims
by Paul Zucker, FAICP

The outcomes of new urbanist developments still are unclear, Zucker writes. Read Letter to the Editor

Creating a Long-Lasting Community One Brick at a Time
by Martin Bruno, FAICP

Slidell, Louisiana, chose to adopt a masonry ordinance for purposes of quality and durability, Planning Director Martin Bruno reports. Read Housing Supertopic Feature

Renewing Growth Management in Maine
by Sue Inches and Jay W. Vogt

After relying on a multitude of participation processes including "open space technology," Maine's State Planning Office developed recommendations for reforming its state growth management program.

Case image
The case study describes how public participation technologies were used to reform state growth management program.

Read the full Case Study

Local Government Consolidation: A Framework for Effective Decision Making
by Michael D. Jensen

Planners play a role in the decision-making process when alternative forms of local government structure are being considered. The author provides a framework for decision making that helps take away the biases inherent in prior consolidation studies. Read Planning Essentials

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Planning Schools Face New Accreditation Standards
By Rebecca Retzlaff, AICP

Retzlaff reports on changes to the Planning Accreditation Board's criteria for accrediting planning schools. Read this Special Report

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